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What is H2Om Float?

Floating is a uniquely relaxing, effortless experience. Floaters are immersed in 10 inches of a highly concentrated salt water solution warmed to skin temperature. The extreme density of the solution enables people of all body types to float effortlessly. The floating experience within the Pod is designed to create an environment devoid of outside stimuli (also known as sensory deprivation) allowing for a transformative experience of deep relaxation.

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Experience the ultimate relaxation as you float, with all external stimuli removed as you drift away into relaxation.


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It’s best to schedule an appointment to insure availability. Walk-ins are always welcome, if we can accommodate you.


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Reward your family, friends, employees with a gift of relaxation. They will sure be grateful for the experience.


Benefits to the Mind

Benefits to the Mind

Floating can actually shift your brain waves from Beta to Alpha, Theta and Delta! This provides you with better mental clarity and alertness, increases your creativity and problem-solving capabilities and can diminish depression and anxiety.

Benefits to the Body

Benefits to the Body

Aside from benefits involving your mental state, floating can also benefit your physical body too! Floating can bring pain relief, aid in injury recovery by increasing blood flow, reduce headaches, and help you sleep better.

Benefits to the Soul

Benefits to the Soul

The total lack of distractions in an ever-bustling world is inherently tranquil; the stillness evokes calm, and from the calm evolves a greater sense of well-being. Many people report experiencing personal and creative insights while floating.

What People Are Saying About The Best Place to Float In Jacksonville!


If you've never floated before you definitely want to try this place. Very Zen atmosphere! You will end up being very relaxed!...

Chauncey Scott, Downtown


My wife’s life has been beyond improved thanks to H2Om Float. The chaos of life deeply wears on people and the option to escape is a life saver. Thi...

Taylor Griner Oneal, Downtown


Relaxation at it's finest (and cleanest). Spent an hour and felt so renewed! I recommend afternoon / night floats before bed....

Kayla Wilson, Downtown


Such a friendly staff and what a neat little space they have there! Very clean and organized facility. I can’t wait to go back!...

Morgan Helton, Downtown

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