3 Ways that Students Benefit from Floating

It seems like today’s students are under an increasing amount of pressure. Studying for tough exams, writing lengthy papers and dealing with difficult social issues can cause a great deal of stress. Unfortunately, there are many unhealthy ways that students may try to cope with stress, including overusing caffeine, drugs or alcohol. But now, visiting a flotation spa in Jacksonville has become a desirable way for students to relieve all of that pressure in a safe, holistic way.

  1. Floating relieves stress

One of the main benefits of floating for students is stress relief. Stress can contribute to many serious health risks that students face—including depression, anxiety and even suicide. Flotation therapy has been shown to reduce the levels of cortisol—the stress hormone—in the body. It also provides a relaxing environment which is free from outside stimuli. This allows the body and mind to become completely calm as the brain enters the theta state, which is ideal for restorative relaxation and mediation. Floating regularly can be extremely helpful for students who are managing symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

  1. Floating boosts creativity

Being stressed can zap your creative energy and leave you feeling mentally foggy. As a student, this can make it difficult to complete projects and prepare for tests. Visiting a flotation spa in Jacksonville can actually boost your creativity. One study of college professors  found that six 90-minute float sessions resulted in them being able to come up with more creative ideas. They also reported an increase in free imagery and remote association. Another study of university students found that a single 60-minute session increased their scores on a test designed to measure creativity.

  1. Flotation therapy aids cognition

Students require mental clarity and optimal cognitive ability to succeed. Floating can be helpful for this because it enables you to reach a state of relaxation that is more restful than sleep, allowing the brain to recharge in a profound way and improving cognition. Floating has also been shown to help improve memory and learning ability by allowing the brain to enter the theta and delta states, where the act of learning new information takes place. It may also assist the mind with skill acquisition, language acquisition and visualization.

If you’re a student who is looking for a safe, holistic approach to manage your stress, boost creativity and improve cognition, flotation therapy is an excellent option. At H2OM Float, a flotation spa in Jacksonville, we offer a number of pricing and package options to make floating more affordable for you. To book your appointment, CLICK HERE or learn more about floating at H2OmFloatJax.com/floating

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