5 Ways to Stay Zen This Holiday Season

The holidays are known as the most wonderful time of year, but they can also be the most stressful. It’s often hard to stay calm and centered with all the additional travel, shopping and social gatherings on your calendar. In addition to a session in a sensory deprivation tank in Jacksonville, here are some tips you can use to stay Zen this holiday season.

1. Focus on Gratitude

Don’t allow the stress and craziness of the holidays to get in the way of what’s truly important. Having an attitude of thankfulness can help you see the bigger picture and fret less about the small stuff. Gratitude is good for you both physically and mentally. It can help you to stay calm in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. Try taking a few moments each morning to reflect on a few things you’re grateful for.

2. Make Time for Meditation

Try to keep a habit of finding at least five to ten minutes each day to meditate. Simply sit in a still, quiet place with your eyes gently closed and focus on your breathing. Whenever you feel your mind drifting back to your to-do list, bring your attention back to your breath. Meditation is extremely beneficial in keeping your mind calm and focused. It can help you overcome the feelings of stress and anxiety that tend to undermine the holiday spirit. If you find it difficult to meditate on your own, visiting a sensory deprivation tank in Jacksonville can be a great way to experience this Zen-like state.

3. Make Healthy Choices

There’s no shortage of tempting treats to throw you off track during the holidays. With cookies and cocktails everywhere you turn, it’s hard not to overindulge. All the extra sugar, calories and alcohol can leave you feeling physically and mentally drained. Try choosing healthy snacks at parties like veggies and nuts, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water in place of or in-between cocktails. You’ll thank yourself later for choosing to indulge in moderation.

4. Spend Time Outdoors

Simply getting out in nature can do wonders for your health. It helps reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure and makes you feel more calm and relaxed. One study found that 95% of those interviewed reported that their mood improved after spending time outdoors. When you start feeling the holiday madness take over, try taking a quick walk outside to feel more Zen.

5. Take Time for Yourself

This time of year can make you feel like you’re being pulled in multiple directions, leaving you frazzled. Be sure to take some time to do things that help keep you centered. That may mean taking a yoga class, reading a good book or taking your dog for a walk on the beach. Another great way to relieve stress and reconnect with yourself is by finding a sensory deprivation tank in Jacksonville and going for a float. Floating offers many health benefits, including reduced stress and increased relaxation. It provides the perfect way to help you stay Zen this time of year.

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