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Kris & Jeff on The New Old School Podcast

Kris & Jeff were guests on The New Old School Podcast as the hosts enjoyed their first time inside a float pod. They also spoke about the history of floating, its many health benefits, and [...]

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Anxiety and Flotation Therapy

Are the everyday aspects of your life leaving you stressed? Do you worry excessively about things that are not within your control? Flotation therapy might be something that could benefit you. Sensory deprivation through flotation [...]

H2Om FLOAT Partners with Daniel Kids to Help Children through Flotation Therapy

H2Om FLOAT is proud to be partnering with Daniel Kids, a Jacksonville organization dedicated to improving the lives of local children and their families. Since the late 1800s, Daniel Kids has been helping local children [...]

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The Benefits of Floating While Pregnant

Floatation therapy offers a myriad of benefits to many people, but perhaps the most instantly gratifying relief is experienced by pregnant women who float. Floating while pregnant can provide you with relief from the discomfort [...]