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Four Ways Sensory Deprivation Can Reduce Stress This Holiday Season

Despite all of the joy it offers, the holiday season can be especially stressful for some people. Whether it’s decorating the house and preparing for company, or getting ready to travel with your family, there [...]

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The Top 10 Reasons to Float

1. Floating relieves stress – It’s easy to let stress build up in your life. Places to be, things to do – it can all be too much sometimes. Floating offers a chance to get [...]

Research Supports Benefits of Floating

The benefits of floatation therapy have been touted in the media as one of the newest and best treatments for relaxation. However, beyond the hype of this avant garde therapy, research supports some truly amazing [...]

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Celebrities Float?!

With the health and wellness benefits of floating abounding, it’s no surprise celebrities and athletes around the world are dipping in and enjoying the benefits. Joe Rogan Comedian, podcaster and UFC Commentator Joe Rogan is [...]