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Frequently Asked Questions

Bring flip-flops (towels, ear plugs and basic toiletries are provided). You may wear a swimsuit, however for ultimate results we encourage clients to float without clothing. Your float environment is completely private.

800 pounds of Epsom Salt is dissolved into the water, which enables any individual to float effortlessly.

The high concentration of salt in the water is naturally anti-microbial and antiseptic. Additionally the water is filtrated five times between each session and is sanitized with UV light and ozone purification. The filtration system flows continuously throughout the night providing the ultimate pristine environment for each client.

We adhere to the same stringent Florida Department of Health sanitation and safety standards as the Florida public pools; Chapter 64E-9, Florida Administrative Code. Each pod is inspected and permitted by the Environmental Health Section of the Duval County Health Department.

People who are claustrophobic generally report they have no problems with Float Pods.   In case you are concerned, know that you are in complete control of your Float session and can get out at any time. The lid can be left open, partially open or closed. Each Pod features multi-colored LED lights as well as a selection of music options – including the option to bring your own music. You’re always in complete control of your Float environment.

Each Float Pod contains only 10 inches of salted water, which eliminates the need for any swimming ability. The amount of salt in the water keeps you fully supported no matter how much tossing and turning you might do. If you do happen to fall asleep while floating, which many of our clients do, the discomfort of salt water in your eyes will wake you up. You can float worry free!

Absolutely! In fact, pregnant clients may experience some of the greatest relief from floating, both physically and mentally.

Those with epileptic conditions or who have kidney disease should take extra precautions and consult their physician before floating.

In rare cases clients may experience nausea. This is typically indicative of a detox reaction responding to stress—which is often held in the stomach. Ultimately, releasing this stress is beneficial (though it may be uncomfortable in the moment). Ask your Float Consultant about trying the oxygen bar if you feel nausea, as this can relieve discomfort. While this level of nausea is fairly uncommon, we do ask that guests exit the Pod if they believe they may be sick. Flotation is powerful. Please remember to drink plenty of water after your session!

Absolutely! You won’t be able to float together in the same Pod, but you can book your appointments at the same time.