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Although H2Om FLOAT has only been open a short time, we’ve already been creating quite a splash! We are excited to see the community having such a positive response to flotation therapy and its benefits. Check out the links below to see what the buzz is all about.

That Time I Tried Sensory Deprivation Therapy, AKA Floating
Pregnant blogger Erin Wiggle finds floating to be a zen-like experience that leaves her with a sense of weightlessness, and she enjoys some relief from the tension in her achy joints and muscles.

Sensory Deprivation via H2Om FLOAT Jax
Local blogger Trice describes her spa-like flotation therapy experience that leaves her totally relaxed and dreaming of the Dead Sea.

Testing the Waters: A Firsthand Experience with Flotation Therapy.
Florida Times Union writer David Crumpler walks you through his first experience in a float pod, where he finds himself de-stressing and leaving mentally relaxed with a clear mind.

I Spent an Hour Inside a Sensory Deprivation Tank Like Stranger Things
VOID Magazine writer Zach Sweat, who has ADHD, describes the history of sensory deprivation and recommends floating after he experiences relaxation and mental bliss.

Non-Profit News: Students Win Upstream Grants for Social Change
H2Om FLOAT and Daniel Kids have partnered to create a flotation therapy program to help children ages 9-17 who suffer from mental health issues.

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