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Planning Your Visit

Preparing for Your Visit

  • On your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your float to shower, relax, enjoy a complimentary beverage if desired, and fill out paperwork and prepare for your float without undue pressure.
  • Float sessions start promptly at appointment time. Late arrivals may not be able to float and appointments canceled less than 6 hours prior and no call/no shows are subject to $15 cancellation fee using reservation credit card.
  • Avoid shaving, tanning or waxing for 24 hours prior to your appointment since these may make your skin sensitive. We have petroleum gel available to cover small cuts and grazes.
  • We recommend you not color, bleach or use hair formulas within one week of your appointment. The salt may adversely affect the keratin treatments or the adhesives used for extensions.
  • Avoiding caffeine for a minimum of 4 hours prior to your appointment may enhance your float experience.
  • Using alcohol before a float may cause unfavorable health risks. We reserve the right to reschedule your appointment should we deem you under the influence.
  • Eat something light one hour prior to your appointment.
  • Bring flip-flops and comb/brush and conditioner if desired (towels, ear plugs and basic toiletries are provided).
  • You may wear a swimsuit, however for ultimate results we encourage clients to float without clothing. Your float environment is completely private.
  • Ladies please ensure to take all sanitary measurements if floating during your menstrual cycle.

Your Float Session

After showering you will enter the Float Pod, which contains ten inches of skin temperature water. You will have the option to leave the door open or closed. As you lie back, the condensed mixture of water and Epsom salt will keep you afloat.

Lighting and Music Options

You will be able to adjust the degree of light and music to your comfort level. Options for sound include floating in silence, bringing your own music or selecting from our array of relaxing music options. Please notify staff of the preferred music BEFORE the start of your session.

Benefiting From Complete Sensory Deprivation

For the ultimate float experience, we recommend floating in darkness. Unwind and undergo a transformation from the stress of everyday life into an abyss of soothing tranquility. To experience the benefits of complete sensory deprivation take advantage of our soundproof Float Pods and float in silence as well.

While in the Float Pod refrain from touching your face to avoid getting salt into your eyes.

After Your Session

Upon completion of your float session, take a moment to enjoy the benefits of our Prep Room. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea or bottled water. It is important to hydrate your body following your session.

Float therapy is cumulative—each subsequent session provides further relief and increasing benefits. Several sessions will allow you to sense a more comprehensive synchronization of mind, body and inner self. Upon completion of your float session make sure to drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated.

Are you ready to experience a new level of revitalization?