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Bath Salts

Bokek Dead Sea Salt

$12.00 per 8oz

Relax into the healing properties of our Dead Sea bath salt. This salt is ideal for combating stress, slowing the aging process of your skin and promoting a sense of overall calmness.

Mediterranean Sea Salt

$10.00 per 8oz

Float away in your Mediterranean Sea Salt infused bath – enjoy the many benefits this salt has to offer including the promotion of stress relief and excess water retention reduction.

Himalayan Sea Salt

$15.00 per 8oz

Create your own at-home spa with our detoxifying Himalayan Pink Salt bath salt known for drawing out harmful toxins, cleansing the skin and revitalizing mental and physical energy.

Breton Grey Sea Salt

$12.00 per 8oz

Experience the magic of French Grey Sea Salt gathered from the beautiful Celtic seas. This soothing salt helps to re-mineralize the body and maintain mental and physical balance while promoting healthier skin.

Ultra Epsom Salt

$10.00 per 8oz

Epsom Salt is a widely known beneficial bath salt. So many seek out it’s healing benefits because Epsom salt is known to relieve pain and inflammation (ideal for sore muscles and headaches), loosen stiff joints and helps to relieve stress.