How Yoga and Floating Complement Each Other

If you’re seeking relaxation and stress relief, yoga and flotation therapy go hand in hand. They both revitalize and strengthen your body and mind, and they promote healing. And when practiced together, yoga and floating can greatly complement each other. If you already practice yoga, locating a sensory deprivation tank in Jacksonville can be an [...]

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Magnesium Deficiency & How Floating Can Help

Magnesium is a mineral that is vital to the human body. It sustains the health of your heart and circulatory system, maintains your energy levels and keeps your bones strong. It helps to regulate levels of many key nutrients including calcium, zinc, potassium, copper and vitamin D. Studies have shown magnesium deficiency may contribute to serious [...]

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Sensory Deprivation Tanks & Flotation Therapy Helping People with PTSD

Flotation therapy is being recognized as an exciting new method of treatment for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Veterans, victims of assault and others are finding relief from this debilitating disorder in sensory deprivation tanks. PTSD is a mental disorder that can be set off by witnessing or experiencing a terrifying event. [...]

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How Flotation Therapy Helps Athletes

Sensory deprivation and flotation therapy have been around since the 1950s, and their benefits have long been recognized in the athletic community. Athletes around the world turn to floating for a host of reasons, including decreased fatigue, accelerated healing and increased mental clarity. Many types of athletes—both recreational and high performance—can benefit from floating. Runners, [...]

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Kris & Jeff on The New Old School Podcast

Kris & Jeff were guests on The New Old School Podcast as the hosts enjoyed their first time inside a float pod. They also spoke about the history of floating, its many health benefits, and how it facilitates meditation. It's a great listen for people who aren't experienced with floating or who want to know [...]

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Anxiety and Flotation Therapy

Are the everyday aspects of your life leaving you stressed? Do you worry excessively about things that are not within your control? Flotation therapy might be something that could benefit you. Sensory deprivation through flotation therapy is a great way to help calm the nagging thoughts and ease the tense muscles that result from anxiety. [...]

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H2Om FLOAT Partners with Daniel Kids to Help Children through Flotation Therapy

H2Om FLOAT is proud to be partnering with Daniel Kids, a Jacksonville organization dedicated to improving the lives of local children and their families. Since the late 1800s, Daniel Kids has been helping local children in need, and it is the oldest child-serving agency in the state of Florida. Daniel helps nearly 2,000 children and [...]

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Can You Float Your Way to Meditation?

To many people, meditation can seem like an elusive, abstract concept. So much is known about it and its benefits, but it can be hard to attain in our modern, on-demand world. Meditation is defined as “the act or process of engaging in contemplation or reflection.” Sounds straight-forward enough. But if you’ve ever sat in [...]

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