3 Ways that Students Benefit from Floating

It seems like today’s students are under an increasing amount of pressure. Studying for tough exams, writing lengthy papers and dealing with difficult social issues can cause a great deal of stress. Unfortunately, there are many unhealthy ways that students may try to cope with stress, including overusing caffeine, drugs or alcohol. But now, visiting [...]

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Anxiety and Flotation Therapy

Are the everyday aspects of your life leaving you stressed? Do you worry excessively about things that are not within your control? Flotation therapy might be something that could benefit you. Sensory deprivation through flotation therapy is a great way to help calm the nagging thoughts and ease the tense muscles that result from anxiety. [...]

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The Benefits of Floating While Pregnant

Floatation therapy offers a myriad of benefits to many people, but perhaps the most instantly gratifying relief is experienced by pregnant women who float. Floating while pregnant can provide you with relief from the discomfort associated with weight gain, provide stress relief, help with sleeping issues, provide a rich source of magnesium and even help [...]

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