How Yoga and Floating Complement Each Other

If you’re seeking relaxation and stress relief, yoga and flotation therapy go hand in hand. They both revitalize and strengthen your body and mind, and they promote healing. And when practiced together, yoga and floating can greatly complement each other. If you already practice yoga, locating a sensory deprivation tank in Jacksonville can be an excellent way to enhance the positive effects of your practice. Here are some noteworthy ways that yoga and floating complement one another.

Yoga and flotation therapy can ease muscle tension. When practicing yoga, your muscles are stretched and strengthened through a series of precise movements and postures—known as asanas. Floating can enhance your yoga practice by relaxing the muscles in between yoga sessions, helping to make you more flexible and allowing you to advance your level of intensity.

Yoga and floating help your body release toxins from tight muscles. Visiting a sensory deprivation tank in Jacksonville to float can aid in the release of toxins from your muscles by boosting the circulation. This increases the blood flow to the soft tissues, allowing your body to more easily flush out toxins. You will leave feeling more energized and refreshed.

Your ability to meditate can be improved by yoga and flotation therapy. Many people find meditation difficult and frustrating to achieve. They find it too difficult to still their mind. Flotation therapy can help you meditate by slowing down your brain waves, allowing you to reach the theta state that is associated with deep meditation. It can take people years to achieve this state, but only minutes in a sensory deprivation tank.

Yoga and floating can boost your mood. During exercise such as yoga, your brain produces serotonin—the happiness hormone. It’s well known that yoga and other forms of exercise can be a great way to fight the blues. By soaking in Epsom salt and magnesium, flotation therapy produces the same neurotransmitter. This helps boost your ability to combat depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

On their own, yoga and flotation therapy already offer countless benefits to your health and well-being. But when done in tandem, they can greatly enhance each other and provide you with significant benefits. By combining yoga and floating, you can improve muscle tone, flush toxins, reach meditation and fight mental health problems, and that’s just the beginning.

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